Class Descriptions

Ashtanga Yoga is powerful, dynamic, flowing practice that is physically challenging and potentially cathartic. Students will be encouraged to find a balance between respecting and exploring beyond their physical limitations. The Ashtanga Yoga method emphasizes breathing coordinated with movement, visual and mental focus (dristi), and access to the deep strength of the pelvis and lower abdomen (bandhas).

Ashtanga Led Primary Series
The instructor will verbally guide the class through the Primary Series, moving throughout the room offering assists and occasionally pausing to offer further refinement of postures. (Sunday 4:00-5:30pm, Wednesday 7-8:30pm)

Ashtanga Mysore
Mysore is an open-studio style of instruction where the instructor provides one on one guidance in a group setting. This allows for the instructor to provide personalized instruction and hands on assistance. Beginners are encouraged to attend, and should arrive before 7:30am, while seasoned practitioners may arrive at their convenience. The studio will be open 15 minutes early and instruction begins at 6am. Studio closes at 9am. (Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday 6-9am)

Intro to Ashtanga Yoga
The instructor will lead a basic Ashtanga Yoga practice while highlighting fundamental alignment principles. Skills covered include yoga breathing, sun salutations, and foundational standing postures. This class is appropriate for people who have never practiced any type of yoga before. (Tuesday, Thursday 5:30-6:45pm)

Ashtanga Chat
Ashtanga chats are an informal lecture, demonstration, and Q&A session with one of Ashtanga CUs expert teachers. Ashtanga chats are free to attend, and the teacher will accept donations. (Sunday 5:30-6pm, immediately following Ashtanga Led Primary Series)